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Manning: back to reality on the legacy

Posted on: February 8, 2010 5:19 pm

Finally, a realistic take on Manning, after all this "greatest ever" talk.  You know, it wasn't all that long ago that we were talking about the Great Peyton Manning who can never win a big game.  Mr. Regular Season, but not playoff, MVP.

Look, I always think the QB gets too much credit for the W's, and too much blame for the losses, despite the focal point nature of the position in the NFL.  And maybe Manning used to personify that unfairness through his career.  He certainly is bearing too much of it for the SuperBowl loss, as he put many key passes right where they needed to be, only his receivers failed or did not step up to make the plays for the team.

But, facts are facts: Manning is a very mediocre 9-9 in the playoffs while often playing on very good teams in those playoffs.  It's not like he's limping in as a wildcard of 9-7 or 8-8 all the time.  Hell, he hasn't had a single digit win team in who knows how long.  His TD/ Int/ rating numbers all disappoint over his playoff career.

For some QB's (like Favre), critics point to those kind of numbers as proof that the player is NOT the greatest.  What's amazing is what one SuperBowl can do, despite Manning's good performance, to thread a whole, but not so new, look at his career.

Yes, Manning finally got over the hump, and to a large degree that is the name of the game, and it did silence so many of the doubters to his "all time" status.  But here he is, 1-1 in the big one, 9-9 in the playoffs (on very good teams).  It's not exactly the resume of the greatest ever, now is it?
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Posted on: February 11, 2010 10:27 am

Manning: back to reality on the legacy

Very interesting analysis, UTR, and I appreciate the feedback.

One thing I would add, though: I'll bet a great majority of QB's see their postseason numbers drop when compared to the regular season, and a huge factor has to be the level of competition.  You are now going against the best of the best, better teams, better defenses, and you're going to score less points.

I just get sick of the mentality that we constantly succumb to in sports, and that is, "that what is going on now is the GREATEAST ever."  We do this all the time, and it's ridiculous.  In Manning's case, he's 9-9 in the playoffs while playing for really good teams.  It wasn't all that long ago that he was the guy who couldn't win the big one.  So, for SB XLI, he throws 3TD's in the postseason, with 6 or 7 INT's I believe, and all this stuff is just supposed to go away?  Because they beat a terrible Bears team QB's by Rex Grossman?

Manning is what he is - a skilled QB, a great 2 minute guy, a great play caller.  An all-time great.  But in no way can he be crowned King of All.

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Posted on: February 10, 2010 6:18 pm

Manning: back to reality on the legacy

I enjoyed the read, very precise in your findings. I am not anti-Manning, or anti-any quarterback for that matter, but I just wanted to add some stats for visual purposes.

Let us look at touchdown percentage, which is calculated as total touchdowns divided by pass attempts, value is equal to percentage of passes that go for touchdowns. Manning, in the regular season throws for 5.6%, dropping to a stunning 4.0% in the post season.

His interception percentage, same calculation style, is 2.8% in the regular season and drops to 2.7% in the post season.

Also, his yards per pass attempt average is 7.675 in the regular season and 7.462 in the post season. While his yards per completion average is 11.845 in the regular season and 12.151 in the post season.

What does it all mean? It is simple; Manning is consistent with ball protection throughout the regular and post season games, but his efficiency of getting the ball to the end zone drops dramatically in the post season. This suggests that the defenses keep the opposition out of the end zone during the post season, duh! It all comes down to point, and during the post season, Manning, just doesn't get as many. 

This is all speculation by the way, and I am just adding fuel to an already heated fire. I guess we will have to revisit this once he makes a return to the post season, which I forecast to be next year. Only time will tell.

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