Posted on: February 8, 2010 5:19 pm

Manning: back to reality on the legacy

Finally, a realistic take on Manning, after all this "greatest ever" talk.  You know, it wasn't all that long ago that we were talking about the Great Peyton Manning who can never win a big game.  Mr. Regular Season, but not playoff, MVP.

Look, I always think the QB gets too much credit for the W's, and too much blame for the losses, despite the focal point nature of the position in the NFL.  And maybe Manning used to personify that unfairness through his career.  He certainly is bearing too much of it for the SuperBowl loss, as he put many key passes right where they needed to be, only his receivers failed or did not step up to make the plays for the team.

But, facts are facts: Manning is a very mediocre 9-9 in the playoffs while often playing on very good teams in those playoffs.  It's not like he's limping in as a wildcard of 9-7 or 8-8 all the time.  Hell, he hasn't had a single digit win team in who knows how long.  His TD/ Int/ rating numbers all disappoint over his playoff career.

For some QB's (like Favre), critics point to those kind of numbers as proof that the player is NOT the greatest.  What's amazing is what one SuperBowl can do, despite Manning's good performance, to thread a whole, but not so new, look at his career.

Yes, Manning finally got over the hump, and to a large degree that is the name of the game, and it did silence so many of the doubters to his "all time" status.  But here he is, 1-1 in the big one, 9-9 in the playoffs (on very good teams).  It's not exactly the resume of the greatest ever, now is it?
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Posted on: August 18, 2009 12:06 pm

Oh Brett, how we hardly know ye...

You know Brett, we Packer fans love ya, and will never forget all the great moments in Green Bay.  Even after last year's fiasco, where I think management's pride was as much to blame as anything else, we wished you well in the AFC.  You then retired again, only to entertain the idea of playing yet again, this time for the Vikings... say no to that idea, only a few weeks ago...
and now, reports are, that you will sign with the hated vikings.  the vikings.  the F#$%ing Vikings. 
What's happened to the emotions of Packer fans everywhere is not fair at all.  Maybe that doesn't matter.  Maybe you don't care.  Maybe you do care, I think you do, but it doesn't overrule this burning desire you have to play football.  You.  A man with nothing left to prove in this game...
Like I said, Brett, we love ya, but it remains to be seen if this is unforgiveable.  If you of all people lead the purple and gold to victory against the Packers, you Brett...well, I just don't know I'll handle that.  And now, we have to root against you.  Packer fans, rooting against Brett Favre.  The thought of it is sickening. 
I've always supported your right to play.  You are a football player, it's all you know, it's what you're great at, it's what God meant  you to do on this earth, it's your life.  You don't judge my "legacy" or tell me when to hang it up, so I certainly won't do that to you.  If you can still play, and still want to play, then play.  Life is too short to pass up doing what you love to do.  That said, Packer fans can't stand losing to the Vikings, and no way can we root for you against our team.  No way can we cheer for you against the Packers and, depending on the division standings, I'm not sure we can root for you playing against anyone else in the league either.  I guess I hope you throw for 4,000 yards, 30 TD's, lose to the Packers twice, and finish behind us in the division.  That's the ideal.
Good luck playing for second place in the division this year - I can only say, I hope, that to you, when we've beaten you twice and won the division, that it was worth a second place finish (or worse) and the price (however fairly or unfairly) you're going to pay...
Posted on: January 9, 2009 3:57 pm

"Best Team" does not equal "Champion"

"Best team" - there's another soap box of mine.
We crown winners and champs.  That's the beauty of sports: Us v. Them to see who wins.  "Best team" is for beauty contests.
Champion does not equal best team.  Champ is because you won, best team is purely subjective opinionating.  The giants went 10-6 last year and the pats went 16-0, adn the pats beat the giants in the season.  they were the "best team" and everyone had that opinion.  but they weren't champs.  in short, best team means NOTHING.  just ask patriot fans.
Except in college football, where voting reigns supreme.  we dont' crown champs, we crown beauty pageant winners.  we evaluate resumes instead of head to head competition.  I think the BCS made a great stride and was well intended for crowning a champ, but all it does is give the pageant judges an out - ok, you only have to pick 2, adn we'll let them duke it out.
i used to think that every team has a shot - win on saturday, and you'll be fine.  lose on saturday, and point the finger at yourself first.  so boise state went undefeated a few years ago - uh, you played nobody.  a few years ago we had 3 undefeated major conference teams (usc, okla, auburn).  they were 1, 2, and 20th in the preseason poll.  him, guess which team didn't make the big game.  now this year, utah goes undefeated and crushed the no. 4 team in the nation.  and they had no shot from the very beginning of the season.
even if you love the bowl system, love the value of the regular season, you have to admit that that's messed up.
Posted on: January 9, 2009 3:17 pm

Florida: the undisputed champ

With the Gators win the BCS title game, some fans and writers and coaches are still of the opinion that the right champ was not crowned.  This is not the right question.  Of course the right champ was crowned.  The system clearly chose a champ, and without dispute, it's Florida.  The NCAA has a system, that all conferences and teams are a part of.  That system set up a game, and Florida won it.  Florida is a part of the system, USC is a part of it, Texas is a part of it, and Utah is a part of it.  That system clearly crowned Florida.
What happened to Texas is unfair, but that's because the pollsters screwed them by voting Okla ahead of Texas, who beat them.  The system would have worked for them had the voters had the simple sense of keeping a 1 loss Texas team ahead of a 1 loss Okla team that it beat.  What happened to USC is arguably unfair, as they too were a great team with 1-loss and got left out.  This year, their schedule hurt them, but in the past has helped, so, they've had it both ways.  Hard to cry about that.  ('course, in 2003, the BCS and their schedule didnt' work for them either).  What happened to Utah is unfair: 13 up, 13 down, including ranked opponents and a No.4 victim in the Sugar Bowl.  There was nothing else for them to do.  If people honestly thought Utah was better than Florida, they would have voted as such during the season. 
But the system clearly crowned a champ, and a worthy champ at that.
2 straight wins over No. 1 ('Bama, Okla) to end the season.  I repeat: they beat No. 1 TWICE!And Champs of the SEC.
I liken the college football champ to a job resume/ interview.  You evaluate your candidates subjectively in interviews and form an opinion (polls), try to combine with objective criteria, like test scores and gpa (BCS computers), and you PICK the best candidate (champ).  The merits of such a system in sports is a separate debate.  But don't confuse the clear winner of that system (Florida) with the inherent problems in it and suggest someone else should be the winner.

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Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:26 pm


That's the simplest solution to the whole thing, which means it won't happen.  Ego, complications, stubborness gets in the way of the easy/ simple solution.  So, for a minute, forget all the complicated parts to all this, all the timing errors, all the egos, and let's talk brass tax football.

This team is built to win now.  Period.  Who gives you the best chance to win now - Brett Favre.  There is no case for any other Packers QB.  It's that simple.  Brett wants to play.  So should QB the team.  Easy.

Ownership (reasons aside) is in the way of that.  Last I checked, it was their job to put the best team out there to win.  With a 13 win team, it's all about the here and now (long term viability is another issue).  You are built to win the SB now.  Forget long range planning.  You go throw those types of rebuilding plans to get where you are NOW!!!  Don't undo all of the good work to get this far.  This the goal.  Do your job, suck up your ego, and put No. 4 at the helm.

But what about Rodgers you say?  He hasn't gotten his shot, you say, and has been treated unfairly?  100% agreed.  So, trade him, give him his shot elsewhere.  You don't take a 13 win team built to win now and "give a kid his shot" with them. 

Furthermore, teams don't want to trade for a 38 year old QB and have him for a year, so then offer them to build around a young kid with potential by offering Rodgers.  The Packers can't get value for a HOF QB, then trade one for which you can get some value. So Rodgers becomes a wasted pick - what, he's the first first round pick to not pan out?  Give me a break.  Cut your losses and move on.

And guess what: worse case scenario, Brohm gets a year on the bench, watches Favre, who retires at year's end, and guess what, we're back where we started with an unproven young QB.  Sound familiar?  It's happening now.  Only next year, at least we would have taken our best shot at a super bowl in '08.

Trade Rodgers.  it's that simple.  It ignores all egos, hard line positions, and feelings.  It's the clear objective answer.  Which is all the more reason why the people in this mess who have all fouled it up will get in the way of the most logical solution.

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Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:36 am

Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.

Anyone know what that means?  Well, anyways, I'm a brackets guy.  Made my own this year, and only missed on 2 teams while doing ok on seeding.  It was fun.  Then I filled out 6 brackets, which did ok.  I'm not going to win, but with a Kansas victory tonight I might take home a 3rd place showing.  anyways...

Going into the tourney, I said if you give me one team, not a final four, not a few teams to win, but give me one team, ONE TEAM, I'm taking Kansas.  And here they are on the doorstep.  They've got the depth, they can play many different styles (half court, run and gun) they're versatile, they've got it all.  I like the Jayhawks.  From Beginning to End.

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Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:33 am

Title Clash

Big time matchup in the NCAA title game.  Athleticism and depth.  Both teams playing at a very high level.  I just hope we get a decent basketball game for the first time since Davidson v. Kansas, and before that, WVU v. Xavier.  Sheesh.  At least give me a reason to stay up till almost midnight listening to Billy Packer.

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Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:31 am

Yanks: Where's the Offense?

Are these old bones taking a while to thaw out, or what?  At least Matsui is starting to bring the big stick.  Expect him to carry that DH chip on his shoulder.  The guy wants to be in the field, period.  And Wang, starting a season healthy: look out AL.  Nice shut down start from him.

But where are the friggin bats?

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