Posted on: April 4, 2008 12:33 pm

Bulls: Impressive fourth quarter

This team really showed a "team" sense down the stretch.  Gordon was more like the 4th quarter player we know he can be, and has been in the past.  Noah continues to surprise me, especially with his defense as a center.  Blocking King James, in Cleveland, with the game on the line, cleanly?  THAT'S BIG TIME.  I wasn't the biggest fan of his draft selection, but with Wallace traded and Thomas just not stepping up, Noah is at least showing the effort to seize an opportunity.

Hughes was solid.  I really wish we could get that more consistently.

I dont' know why Deng disappeared.  Maybe only one ball to go around leaves him the odd man out in the clutch?

Playoffs arent' likely, but take last night for what it's worth: a great road win with clutch play down the stretch.

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