Posted on: July 28, 2008 12:26 pm


That's the simplest solution to the whole thing, which means it won't happen.  Ego, complications, stubborness gets in the way of the easy/ simple solution.  So, for a minute, forget all the complicated parts to all this, all the timing errors, all the egos, and let's talk brass tax football.

This team is built to win now.  Period.  Who gives you the best chance to win now - Brett Favre.  There is no case for any other Packers QB.  It's that simple.  Brett wants to play.  So should QB the team.  Easy.

Ownership (reasons aside) is in the way of that.  Last I checked, it was their job to put the best team out there to win.  With a 13 win team, it's all about the here and now (long term viability is another issue).  You are built to win the SB now.  Forget long range planning.  You go throw those types of rebuilding plans to get where you are NOW!!!  Don't undo all of the good work to get this far.  This the goal.  Do your job, suck up your ego, and put No. 4 at the helm.

But what about Rodgers you say?  He hasn't gotten his shot, you say, and has been treated unfairly?  100% agreed.  So, trade him, give him his shot elsewhere.  You don't take a 13 win team built to win now and "give a kid his shot" with them. 

Furthermore, teams don't want to trade for a 38 year old QB and have him for a year, so then offer them to build around a young kid with potential by offering Rodgers.  The Packers can't get value for a HOF QB, then trade one for which you can get some value. So Rodgers becomes a wasted pick - what, he's the first first round pick to not pan out?  Give me a break.  Cut your losses and move on.

And guess what: worse case scenario, Brohm gets a year on the bench, watches Favre, who retires at year's end, and guess what, we're back where we started with an unproven young QB.  Sound familiar?  It's happening now.  Only next year, at least we would have taken our best shot at a super bowl in '08.

Trade Rodgers.  it's that simple.  It ignores all egos, hard line positions, and feelings.  It's the clear objective answer.  Which is all the more reason why the people in this mess who have all fouled it up will get in the way of the most logical solution.

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