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Posted on: January 9, 2009 3:57 pm

"Best Team" does not equal "Champion"

"Best team" - there's another soap box of mine.
We crown winners and champs.  That's the beauty of sports: Us v. Them to see who wins.  "Best team" is for beauty contests.
Champion does not equal best team.  Champ is because you won, best team is purely subjective opinionating.  The giants went 10-6 last year and the pats went 16-0, adn the pats beat the giants in the season.  they were the "best team" and everyone had that opinion.  but they weren't champs.  in short, best team means NOTHING.  just ask patriot fans.
Except in college football, where voting reigns supreme.  we dont' crown champs, we crown beauty pageant winners.  we evaluate resumes instead of head to head competition.  I think the BCS made a great stride and was well intended for crowning a champ, but all it does is give the pageant judges an out - ok, you only have to pick 2, adn we'll let them duke it out.
i used to think that every team has a shot - win on saturday, and you'll be fine.  lose on saturday, and point the finger at yourself first.  so boise state went undefeated a few years ago - uh, you played nobody.  a few years ago we had 3 undefeated major conference teams (usc, okla, auburn).  they were 1, 2, and 20th in the preseason poll.  him, guess which team didn't make the big game.  now this year, utah goes undefeated and crushed the no. 4 team in the nation.  and they had no shot from the very beginning of the season.
even if you love the bowl system, love the value of the regular season, you have to admit that that's messed up.
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